What we offer

Coffee House and Bar

We offer the atmosphere of a real Viennese coffee house in the heart of the city. Besides the coffee and the newspapers, we offer also free Wi-Fi Internet access. We also have a separate and spacious space for smokers.

Cakes and Pastries

We also offer the traditional local pastries and cakes, in particular the local traditional varieties. We offer freshly home-baked cakes, which we make ourselves, just like our grannies used to do in the old times.

Authentic Varaždin Pastries

Here you can also taste the authentic local famous pastry variety, which we also bake ourselves. Not every pastry you buy locally is really authentic: we are one of the rare places in the city which offer you certified authentic traditional pastries.

Cakes Made to Order

We also offer cakes made to order, for various celebrations and special occasions: all are home-made, without artificial ingredients.

A Place of Unique Atmosphere

An oasis of peace and relaxation in the heart of the city

Relax in comfortable surroundings

A coffee house was always a place of meeting and company, with unobtrusive background music, morning coffee and papers... it is an ideal place for relaxation and tasting some delicious morsels. In the coffee house "Dora", in the very heart of the city, we continue the tradition of the Middle-European enjoyment of coffee, sweet cakes and good company. We also offer good local wine, and for the smoking guests we have a separate space. You can reach us from two directions: arrive directly to the bar through the small yard at the address Franjevački trg 17, opposite to the big statue of Grgur Ninski, or enter the coffee house directly from the entrance in Josipa Draškovića street, just around the corner (see the map below).

Our pastries have a certificate of authenticity

How to find us?


Contact info

Kavana Dora

Franjevački trg 17

42000 Varaždin

Tel.:(042) 421-693

Email: kavana.dora@gmail.com